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Say Cheese! Our yearbook class meets on Tuesday afternoons. The Yearbook crew works hard preserving all the great moments we have throughout the year.


Students in leadership help to plan school dances, fundraisers, and rallies! This is a great way to learn valuable leadership and communication skills. The leadership students meet on Wednesday's.                         


LAVA offers beginning guitar classes to our budding Rock Stars.

Classes meet on Thursday afternoons

music class

Computer Skills

LAVA Students have the opportunity to explore game and program design.


Students writing programs


Students can choose to take Spanish lessons twice a week with Ms. Ibarra.

American Sign Language

Ms. Violette instructs LAVA students in an introductory course for ASL!


sign language A S L

We also offer:


A one-hour study hall for students to complete their work.


Math & Reading Labs

LAVA Students who are below grade level in either or both skills are enrolled in targeted intervention sessions in order to bring them up to level.



LAVA Students who have interest & transportation are eligible to join the Berrendos Middle School Band.