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Who We Are

Our Philosophy:


One size does not fit all! 


Students and parents need educational opportunities. In communities, small and large, too many students are forced to conform to an educational model that does not fit their learning styles. This problem is often greatest in smaller towns where there are fewer schools from which to choose. The leadership team for this charter recognizes that this must change in our area.

Our Mission: 


Our mission is to provide students and their parents with an academically challenging educational experience that has relevance to 21st Century Learners. We will strive to create an environment that offers choice, variety, and hands-on learning. 


We believe that students learn best when freed of the constraints of the regimented practices of the past. By employing inquiry-based, thematic units of study and hands-on fieldwork opportunities, our school will allow students to progress at a rate that is commensurate with their skills and interests. Furthermore, our model allows for students to accelerate their learning beyond typical ‘teacher centered’ classroom instruction. 


LAVA Charter School will strive to develop a culture that allows students to acquire the skills and knowledge that will motivate them to become lifelong learners. It is our goal to transition each student successfully to higher education or the workplace, and become a productive member of a democratic society that allows all students equal opportunity and access to this process.